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Welcome to Direct Seed

Our job is to make successful revegetation easy.
We advise, coordinate & come onsite to complete seeding & other works.

Direct Seed is a revegetation company based in South West Victoria, trading since 1990. Our primary business is:

Direct Seeding of native vegetation
We establish shelterbelts & woodlots for farms and industrial sites.  Direct Seeding is an ideal way to sequester carbon & provide carbon offsets. On farms, establishing shelterbelts by such a quick & efficient method increases financial, environmental & aesthetic values.  

Supply of provenance & bulk Australian native seed
We sell to farmers, seed banks, wholesalers & export.

Bushland & wetland habitat creation and regeneration
Create your own bush block with wetlands, grasslands & shrublands.  
Varied ecosystems support a range of wildlife.

Landscape design & creation
From large industrial sites to domestic blocks – our clients include Parks Victoria,
Woodside, BHP Billiton & various Water Authorities.

Restoration of degraded areas
Typical projects are eroded gullies, roadsides  & mining sites.

Direct Seeding gives a dense, mixed species plantation
with no planting labour required!